iThings 2 Collard Greens Version 2.0


Today, July 1, 2013, kicked off iThings 2 Collard Greens Version 2.0. . With 50 girls and 20 counselors we began another summer exploration into the life of today’s girls becoming tomorrow’s women.

Opening circle of song-singing, meditation, movement and sharing was followed by yoga, creating vision boards, more orientation and ancestor altar-building.  The girls are exceptional in their focus, discipline and ability to sit still for an entire 5 minutes! We discussed the concept of the most powerful words – “I AM” – and what words to use behind that phrase. It was refreshing to witness their willingness to be authentic and honest!  To be a little girl again . . .

Tomorrow we begin knitting, self-massage, dance classes and gardening! And Friday they learn to tie-dye!  We are in for another fun summer. . Thanks to the Trust and all of you who continue to make contributions to support our work.  Nannie Helen Burroughs, Dorothy Height, Maggie Lena Walker and Mary McLeod Bethune live through these girls!