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Letter From the Directors


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May 2, 2022

Re: Camp Donation

Dear Friend of iThings 2 Collard Greens:

I am happy to announce iThings 2 Collard Greens will have camp this year! We have secured Medissage Centers ( in Mt. Croghan SC from July 9-July 22 for a two week Girl on the Move Summer Camp Experience

This has been an incredibly challenging pandemic season for our young folks. With the rise of the Delta variant in 2021 and an evaluation of our 2020 on-line camp, we opted to not have an in person camp for a variety of reasons including the safety of our multigenerational households and too much screen time for our children. However, we continue to see, hear and read of the effect of Covid-19 on our young people. They are in an emotionally devastating state. The stats don’t lie. According to Dr. Ovid, a pediatric neurologist in an article written by Dr. Luis Rojas Marcos, psychiatrist, there is a “silent tragedy that is unfolding in our homes today.”  

1 in 5 children have mental health issues

a 43% increase was observed in ADHD

An increase of 37% in teenage depression has been observed

A 200% increase in the suicide rate among children aged 10 to 14 has been observed.

Why? He indicates that kids these days are over-stimulated and over-given material objects but deprived of the foundations of a healthy childhood such as:

  • Emotionally available parents
  • Clearly defined boundaries
  • Responsibilities
  • Balanced nutrition and adequate sleep
  • Movement in general but especially outdoors
  • Creative gaming, social interaction, informal gaming opportunities, and space for boredom

We long for our children to be happy and healthy individuals. That is why we are committed to providing an opportunity for them to gather in a safe pod and travel to a safe place where they can continue to heal from the isolation, anxiety, and fear of this season and get BACK TO BASICS! What does that include:

  • nutritious food
  • outdoor activity
  • indoor activity – yoga, meditation, dance, singing, circle discussions
  • family-style meals without phones or technology
  • table games, board games, crafts, needlework
  • teaching them how to greet, take turns, share, say thank you, and please
  • recognize their mistakes  and apologize
  • connect emotionally
  • opportunities for boredom

Now to the next phase . . . I am personally seeking tax-deductible corporate and personal donations from my community to support our efforts. No amount is too small. However, for a contribution of a $100 or more the donor receives a complimentary tea towel of the illustrious Nannie Helen Burroughs as illustrated by a local artist, Nabeeh Bilal.


It is of high quality and can be framed in the event one doesn’t make tea cakes or lay dough out to rise on the counter!  Tax-deductible donations can be made on our website or you can mail a check to the above address. And if you know of others who might wish to support this effort please pass the word.

Your support means everything in times like these as we plan to take the girls away to the country for an old-fashioned summer camp!  Since 2012, we have honored our mission to develop the whole girl – mind, body and spirit, as we continue to honor the legacy of Miss Nannie Helen Burroughs, teacher, leader, organizer, and founder of a girl’s boarding school here in Washington, DC. Thank you and continued blessings.

In the spirit of Nannie Helen Burroughs,

Kathy English Holt, Co-Executive Director 
Cheryl Shumake, Co-Executive Director



Activities For the Girls

Play Time

Old School play! No Xbox, Wii, Tetris and technology here! Our girls jump rope, play hopscotch, try their hand at jacks and play board games! Playtime occurs in before care and after care and of course, anytime there is a break. Look on the other side of the room and you will see a few girls knitting, while others are playing board games in the corner and others doing cartwheels across the dane floor. Girls get to be little girls at iThings 2 Collard Greens!


Girls learn they are spiritual beings having a human experience – caring for the temple of the body although they are not the body. Each morning begins with daily meditation and affirmations. Circle is sacred space where we express how we feel openly and authentically. We honor each girl as our sister and all the elders as Mama or Baba. The altar we build to girls and women is a focal point for the camp and the community. And in yoga they unite body and mind giving thanks to the rising sun as they learn sun salutation in yoga. Themes of love, forgiveness and compassion are used to mediate conflict.

Performing Arts

Arts are sorely lacking in schools and many of our children cannot afford dance, instrument or vocal classes. Our camp closing program highlights our work in this area. Our girls learn a variety of dances with the intention of performance. New songs are learned from day one including our traditional camp songs –  “I love myself so much”, “Humble” and the “Cell Song”. Nannie Helen Burroughs song and iThings 2 Collard Greens Anthem are favorites and of course, their smash hit – Kwanzaa 365 by Free Benjamin. To sing and to dance have been the dreams of many a girl. We love closing programs – their happy expressions light up a room!!!

Finishing School

How to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to dress? Little ladies becoming royalty. Instilling manners and the courtesies we take for granted is high on the list.  Etiquette from the table to the theatre and everything in between.  Girls model the items they sew and the dance training helps with carriage and a graceful walk.  Please, thank you, excuse me and appropriate greetings are emphasized. And, of course, setting a proper table is a useful skill to have after you have cleaned with your own handmade cleaning products!

Inspired by Nannie Helen Burroughs

Nannie Helen Burroughs, (May 2, 1879 – May 20, 1961) was an African-American educator, orator, religious leader, civil rights activist, feminist and businesswoman in the United States. Her speech “How the Sisters Are Hindered from Helping,” at the 1900 National Baptist Convention in Virginia, instantly won her fame and recognition.

In 1909, she founded the National Training School for Women and Girls in Washington, DC. She continued to work there until her death in 1961. In 1964, it was renamed the Nannie Helen Burroughs School in her honor and began operating as a co-ed elementary school.

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