Host a Friend-Raising Party for iT2CG



Lynn Twist, author of The Soul of Money, tells us that folks are just waiting for an opportunity to give in a way that speaks to their hearts.  Our girls need you to support them in womanhood training!

Today and during Miss Burroughs time, we need more resources dedicated towards our girls.  Historically, women raised the children and took care of the home.  Service was not a bad word! After years of advocating for our girls, Nannie Helen Burroughs opened her boarding school for girls in Washington, DC  free and clear!  She raised donations from women throughout the country.

Won’t you host a friendraising party to sponsor a girl for this enriching experience?  

Nannie Helen Burroughs school was largely supported by individual donations from women and men who heard her speak.  She traveled thousands of miles raising funds. Won’t you gather a group of your friends, put out some light snacks and help bring friends to iThings2Collard Greens?  Host a herstory moment and hear Mama Kathy, as Nannie Helen Burroughs, deliver a speech Miss Burroughs delivered to parents almost 100 years ago which is relevant today!  Let’s share some old school wisdom and afterwards we will simply pass the basket for donations – a pressure free appeal.