On Sunday, November 6 at The Davis Center Dance Studio in Northwest Washington,  ithings 2 Collard Greens was launched! Our first fundraiser was a huge success! To standing room only, Mama Kathy reenacted Nannie Helen Burroughs and delivered her speech “There is Nobody Home”. A surprise guest, Mrs. Robinson, a former principal of the Nannie Helen Burroughs School in Washington, DC.  She was overwhelmed with the presentation and delighted to be there in the midst of the loving energy.  She shared tales of the school and stories of Miss Burroughs.  One to remember – at 12 noon everyday Miss Burroughs shut the door to her office and was on her knees for 1/2 hour.  Everyone knew not to disturb her or they would hear about it!  Mama Kathy gave an overview of the retreat and everyone broke bread. The menu – what else but collard greens, sweet potatoes and cornbread along with hot apple cider and tea!  A wonderful time was had by all and we raised almost $2000.00!  Ain’t God Good All The Time!

Thanks to the women of Nannie’s Circle, The Davis Center Dance Studio and Baye Services for all they did to help create a special occasion!  WE LOVE YOU!