Give thanks for a full house and successful run of “Nannie Live!” during Black History Month.  It was delightful working with the Multi-Media Training Institute.  Many took advantage of their capacity stream live the performance.  Visit, pay $15.00 and they will send a code for you to input to see this performance online  and this performance includes Kathy singing with her son, Corcoran, on bass! Or course, 50% of proceeds go to support the girls’ summer retreat! Thanks to Lynn Dyson, Carol Dyson and the crew!

March also known as Women’s History Month finds us in Alexandria joined by the recreation center’s children’s choir and The Davis Center’s dancers.  Thanks to M.D. Abdalla and Bea Davis for collaborating with this performance!

April finds us in Atlanta at Morehouse University on Thursday, April 12 and the Shrine of the Black Madonna on Saturday, April 14.  Stay tuned for more information.  We will submit for the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival in October to continue to spread the work, words and deeds of Miss Nannie Helen Burroughs. Please spread the word and let us know of other organizations which may be interested in hosting the show.

DVD’s of the February performance are on sale.  To purchase contact us at or 202-256-2518.  Donations of $15.00 to Arts for Children, Inc. go towards the summer retreat in SC!  Thank you for your support!